Red Light Therapy Takes on Inflammation

Red Light Therapy Takes on Inflammation

Inflammatory conditions, including arthritis and joint diseases, take their toll on millions of people each year. There is no getting around it – the byproduct of inflammation is pain and reduced mobility.

One thing to know – not all inflammation is bad. Acute inflammation is evidence that your body is trying to protect you. You twist an ankle, get a splinter, and your immune system is triggered.
The body does its thing and releases white blood cells to the distressed area. When all goes as it is supposed to, the body eventually heals, and the swelling and inflammation decrease.

But chronic inflammation is different. This is when white blood cells attack healthy tissues and organs, and chronic inflammation can persist for months, even years.

People experiencing this type of inflammation would do anything to be relieved of this pain and discomfort. Luckily, there is red light therapy. RLT has been shown to alleviate chronic inflammation by increasing blood flow to damaged tissues.

The wavelengths of light from RLT stimulate the cell’s energy production and reduce oxidative stress, allowing the body to speed up the healing process. Research suggests that red and near-
infrared light can successfully treat chronic inflammation by suppressing and dramatically reducing inflammation throughout the body in many people.

If you have back pain, neck pain, sciatica, or are suffering from a sports-related injury; red light may help reduce inflammation and discomfort and restore a healthy range of motion.
Sol Vibrant always recommends consulting your physician before receiving services.

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